Brown Bag Seminar der Darmstädter Wirtschaftsinformatik (DWI)

Aktuelle Termine:

02.08.2012, 14-15 Uhr Dr. Jan Kraemer (Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie)Net Neutrality and Congestion Sensitive Content Providers: Implications for Content Variety, Broadband Investment and RegulationS103/204
22.08.2012, 14-15 Uhr Dr. Till Winkler (HU Berlin)Cloud Computing and the Changing Shape of Enterprise IT Governance – Results from a Compound ResearchS103/96
04.10.2012, 14-15 Uhr Dr. Jörn Grahl (Universität Mainz)Social contagion: Seeding strategies and missing dataS103/10
01.11.2012, 14-15 Uhr Dr. Robert Gregory (Universität Göttingen)IS Organizational Ambidexterity: Multidimensional Construct Development based on a 'Transform & Merge' Case in the Financial Services IndustryS102/36
07.02.2013, 13-14 Uhr Dr. Benjamin Müller (Universität Mannheim)What you see is what you get? A comparison of theoretical lenses to study technology in organisationsS102/36
07.03.2013, 14-15 Uhr Dr. Andreas Eckhardt (Universität Frankfurt)New ways in IT adoption research - Insights of a multi-method experimental analysisS103/10
04.04.2013, 14-15 Uhr Prof. Dr. Dirk Neumann (Universität Freiburg)Textual analysis of financial news: Applications in IS and FinanceS103/96
04.06.2013, 14-15 Uhr Prof. Karl Lang (Zicklin School of Business)Social Buying: The Effects of Group Size and Communication on Buyer PerformanceS102/33
04.07.2013, 14-15 Uhr Prof. Dr. Stefan Sackmann (Universität Halle)“Sticky Controls” – Ein Ansatz zur Automatisierung von ComplianceS102/33
05.11.2013, 16-17 Uhr Ass. Prof. Ali Sunyaev (Universität zu Köln)Design, Development and Evaluation of Patient-Centered Health IT ApplicationsS102/33
05.12.2013, 14-15 Uhr Dr. Julia Heidemann (Universität Regensburg)Identifying Key Users in Enterprise Social NetworksS102/33
03.04.2014, 14-15 Uhr Prof. Dr. Johann Kranz (Universität Göttingen)Understanding business model changes in response to disruptive innovations – The case of on-premise and cloud computing softwareS102/33
08.05.2014, 14-15 Uhr Prof. Dr. Christoph Rosenkranz (Universität zu Köln)Rules and Rule Evolution in Information Systems DevelopmentS102/33
12.06.2014, 14-15 Uhr Prof. Dr. Michael Scholz (Universität Passau)Customer Reviews and Their Impact on ConsumersS102/33
03.07.2014, 14-15 Uhr Dr. Christian Matt (LMU München)The Impact of Recommender Systems on Diversity – Causes and Effects from Different Points of ViewS320/4
06.11.2014, 14-15 Uhr Prof. Dr. Katharina Anna Zweig (TU Kaiserslautern)NNS102/33
04.12.2014, 14-15 Uhr Prof. Dr. Christian Schlereth (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)Advance Payment Systems: Paying Too Much Today and Being Satisfied TomorrowS103/111
11.06.2015, 14-15 Uhr NNNNS102/33
02.07.2015, 14:45-15:45 Uhr Prof. Dr. Daniel Beimborn (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)The Role of Operational Alignment between Business and IT for Achieving IT Business ValueS102/33
03.11.2015, 16-17 Uhr Dr. Manuel Trenz (Universität Augsburg)The Flock in the Cloud - How Social Influence Processes Shape Cloud Service RelationshipsS102/33
28.06.2016, 14-15 Uhr Dr. Thomas Kude (Uni Mannheim)The Governance of Platform Ecosystems in the Enterprise Software IndustryS102/33
05.07.2016, 14-15 Uhr Steffi Haag (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)Introducing Shadow Systems to Adapt to IS-Induced Disruptions – A Change Theory Perspective and Experimental AnalysisS105/23
07.12.2016, 12-13 Uhr Dr. Irina Heimbach (TU Darmstadt)The Impact of Sharing Mechanism Design on Content Sharing in Online Social NetworksS103/112
01.02.2017, 12-13 Uhr Jun.-Prof. Dr. Delphine Reinhardt (Univ. Bonn)Opportunities and Risks of CrowdsensingS102/144
01.03.2017, 12-13Uhr Prof. Dr. Hanna Krasnova (Univ. Potsdam)Emotional Life of Social Media Users: The Bright and the UglyS103/112
05.04.2017, 12-13 Uhr NNNNNN




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